About Us

PAA CAPITAL GROUP – A specialist in supporting Businesses and Entrepreneurs around the Globe by providing the knowledge, experience, skills and the AI technology.

Send Money Instantly

Global payment network enabling instant and fully compliant fiat-to-fiat cross-border payments

Fast Onboarding

Fully automated, visible and transparent compliance process

Innovative Security

Protection through real-time transaction screening and identification service

PAA CAPITAL GROUP redefines and introduces the “NEW” Silk Road 3.0. Our Silk Road is a network, connecting the South and North – forming a bridge between Africa and Europe.

Cem Wald, Director PAA CAPITAL GROUP

The Philosophy

Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic stability, combined with a favorable global growth climate, now offers opportunities that the region has begun to exploit. But further work is needed at the “micro” level to accelerate progress on the Millennium Development Goals. This is where PAA CAPITAL fills the hole to support the continent; support the Trade Business between Africa and Europe and protect the climate for our next generation.

Your Advantages

Global Network

Global payments network, covering SWIFT and SEPA payments

Safeguarded & Protected

All client funds are kept separate in segregated client funding accounts

Debit Cards

Personal or Corporate Cards available with high limits. No one likes limitations