Banking as a Service


PAA CAPITAL GROUP is not a Bank. Instead, the future of banking as a service, providing bank accounts, International inward and outward payments, Currency Exchange, a secure user-friendly online cloud banking platform with free mobile iOS and Android Apps, as well as free payments to other users.

Escrow as a Service


PAA CAPITAL GROUP provides upon request safe and secure escrow services between two merchants. Making the business less complicated, less bureaucratic and more secure than ever. A trusted and neutral third party, handling payments and transfers between two PAA CAPITAL account holders, whereas funds remain in your account, until all parties obligations are fulfilled and the payer releases the funds to the beneficiary.

Financial Efficiency
Powered by some Global Leaders in the Fintech & Banking Sector
Security & Privacy
Secure Cloud Banking in European Data-Center, Level 1 PCI Compliant.
Cloud Technology
Modern and user-friendly Online Banking Platform.
Banking on the GO
Available mobile applications for iOS and Google Android.
Multiple Currency Accounts and FX exchange available.
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