SEC – Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission

PAA Capital Group Asia  is proud to announce its establishment in the Philippines.

SEC Certificate of Registration of Pacific Asian Atlantic Capital, Inc. granted. Below are the details provided by the Unified Registration Record (URR) for easier reference:


SEC Registration No.: CS201615085

Tax Identification No.: 009-346-740

HDMF No.: 206410700004

PHIC No.: 001000048850

SSS No.: 0395363054

True or False? — It Takes Money to Make Money

The short answer is YES; of course it takes money to make money. To make money in the stock market, you must have money to make the initial stock purchases. Starting a business requires money to buy inventory, marketing materials, office space and equipment. Even lottery winners had to have the seed money required to buy the ticket. The only exceptions that come to mind are inheriting, stealing or finding money.

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