Every client needs to go through some verification and/or security checks when on-boarding at PAA CAPITAL. This is a regulatory requirement and our way to make sure PAA CAPITAL is safe and secure for all our clients.

During the application assessment, we’ll need to confirm your identity and verify your account is secure by asking to see a good quality photo of yourself where you are holding a valid photo ID –  a selfie photo.

Guidelines for taking your selfie photo:

  • Take the photo in a room with enough light
  • Please select the highest photo quality on the device taking the picture
  • Hold up the document, next your face
  • Make sure both your face and ID are clear on the photo

If your photo is not of high enough quality, we will request a better copy. Also, nothing on the ID document can be covered or censored.

In the majority of cases, verification takes 2 working days maximum.

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