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PAA CAPITAL’s global payment network powers transactions for  financial institutions, e-commerce companies, money transfer organizations and payment aggregators.

With globalization and e-commerce driving demand for improved services and fueling global economic growth, PAA CAPITAL is uniquely positioned to act at the center of fundamental change in global financial services.

Financial Institutions


Money Transfers

Future Proof

As long as there is money around, regardless in what shape, currency or definition, there will be electronic money movements required.

This makes this business establishment future proof for any potential investment in our corporation.

Forex Exchange


Card to Card

Innovation & ever growing markets

With the globalization and the fast pace of development in the transfer IT technology, it comes without saying that success can only be achieved by being highly flexible to adapt quickly high tech improvements and innovations.

The Participation

The PAA CAPITAL GROUP is a privately held worldwide organization. For a limited time, we offer private individuals or institutional organizations to invest in our institution and become part of this exciting movement.

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